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SaT's dedicated teams model offers clients' an easy and cost effective solution pertaining to deployment of myriad technical groups & resources.


Enhance your instution with security, convenience and ease-of-use with smart card solutions.

SaT provides smart cards solutions which bring security, convenience and ease-of-use to institutions and individuals. Smart cards are usefull in various range of applications from mobile telephony to CRM, loyalty, and to the next generation applications and services. With broad industry demand, we are constantly on the look for innovative smart card based solutions. Smart cards are proving to be of great value when integrated with applications like Employee Smart Card, Automated Attendance System, Electronic cash, Security, Access control etc.

Smart Card Applications

  • Attendance & Payroll
  • Retail Management
  • Institute Management
  • Club Management
  • Electronic Cash
  • Visitor Management

Bringing security, convenience and ease-of-use to institutions and individuals.

Great value in applications such as Electronic Cash, Employee Smart Card, Automated Attendance System, Security, Access control, Transportation and IC Tags.Extremely usefull in the retail chain outlets & shopping malls for making fast and ease transaction.

Attendance & Payroll

This application utilizes Smart Card technology in tracking and monitoring HR and Payroll related information for any organization.


  • Time tracking solution & Time report generation.
  • Attendance management software.
  • Leave tracking & absence management.
  • Payroll & expense management.

Retail Management

This Smart Card based solution is extremely useful in the retail chain outlets and shopping malls replacing the traditional modes of transactions through vouchers, coupons and tickets.


  • Offline / Online accessibility.
  • Multiple outlet usage facility.
  • Supports inclusion of loyalty points, redemption.
  • Management of customer data.

Institute Management Solution

This card solution allows efficient handling of the various institute activities like student information, library usage, laboratory usage, computer usage, canteen management and Other similar activities like photocopying, stationery purchasing and various activities inside hostel.

Club Management

This Smartcard-based application caters to a variety of payment requirements for clubs, golf courses, amusement parks and fairs this solution is a cashless payment system bringing in flexibility for payment and operations like accessibility to facilities, payment for restaurant bills, payment at the vending machines etc.


  • Cashless payment.
  • Centralized data storage.
  • Tracking of purchases.
  • Authenticated Access control.
  • Vendor & contract management.

Electronic Cash

This application is a Smartcard driven solution that eliminates the need to carry hard cash for transactions and enforces electronic payment through card. e-Cash differs from credit / debit card payments, in offering security through the chip embedded in the card.


  • Universities and Educational Institutions.
  • Canteens and Vending Machines.
  • Hospitals.
  • Amusement Parks.
  • Vendor & contract management.

Visitor Management

This electronic card based solution helps organizations to monitor the entry, exit and movement of visitors within the premises. It also helps in restricting the movement to certain restricted/prohibited zones.


  • Multiple visitor entry.
  • Centralized data base.
  • Issuance of customized visitor passes.
  • Secured entry & exit.