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SaT Engagement Models

SaTs' engagement models are tailored to meet diversified needs of our global customers. Get an insight of our highly efficient and ROI-centric engagement models.
Software Case Studies

SaT builds high-performance software applications that are foremost driven by the ambition to make our clients successful.
Hire Dedicated Resources

SaT's dedicated teams model offers clients' an easy and cost effective solution pertaining to deployment of myriad technical groups & resources.


Case Studies

Client Testimonials

SaT has demonstrated a high degree of flexibility, scalability and service orientation to enable us meet the strategic goals for some of our largest IT initiatives. Their sheer commitment, execution excellence and ability to work with us to envision our overall program, has made a tremendous difference.

We believe that SaT has the advantage of deep domain expertise and provides the industry's best ROI for communication service providers in need of IT services partnerships.

James Hopkin (Information Officer)
SKK Communications, Korea.

Choose Innovative, flexible and customized engagement model based on the cost and time considerations to fullfill all business, individual needs.

SaT envolves in multiple engagement and delivery models to meet diverse needs of clients. You can choose from any one the generally accepted models below or a combination of them for different phases of your project. We can customize a model to address your specific need.

SaT engagement models

Dedicated Offshore Team (24/7 Collaborative Model) - SaT operates an ODC (Offshore Development Centers) where your team is offshore and works in close collaboration with your designated Project team. SaT has outstanding communication models, infrastructure and best practices in management of seamless offshore or outsourced development operations.

Onsite Team - The duration and nature of some engagements often requires work to be done completely onsite at the client's premises. Crestech provides an onsite Delivery Model that is perfect for executing a testing assignment for customers who are looking to begin a phased approach to offshoring. Our consultants with relevant skill sets will test the application at the client's site under the guidance of the client Project Manager. At the same time, they will also report to our offices in India on a weekly basis. Our onsite project teams work either as an integrated project team or as a self-managed team.

SaT's benefits

  • Highly experience skilled resources.
  • Works closely with customers' teams.
  • Reduce estimation cost and time.
  • Easy management of sudden increase in testing requirements.
  • Adequate direct control over project .

Material and Time Model - In this model customer has to pay for the all human resources based activities in project depending on the complexity and nature of work. All activities required during project engagement are fully described and planned in advance, which optimizes delivery duration.

Fixed Bid Model - In this model cost and time of the project is pre defined/fixed and customer has not to concerned about how many resources are used in project. The cost and the time assigned remain fixed with SaT Fixed bid model due to this customer get their project done with peace of mind.

This model limits the risks associated with the project for both the Client and company as well as ensures delivery within time and budget. However this model limits change flexibility especially the changes which impact delivery and / or budgets.

Salient Features

  • Fixed Price model demands that the scope of work, the milestones and the final deliverables are clearly defined and agreed between client and vendor.
  • Project requirements are very clearly defined at the start of the project.
  • Standard IT operational procedures need to be followed by client and vendor.
  • Periodic reviews have to be carried out throughout the course of the project.
  • Billing is typically done in phases. A standard phased approach is as below.
    • 20% of the total amount as an advance upon award of project.
    • 30% on completion of detailed requirements specifications, detailed design, project plans and test cases.
    • 40% on completion of User Acceptance Testing (UAT) of deliverable.
    • 10% on production and go-live.

Joint Venture - In this engagement model, we offer to set up a separate entity jointly with client and company to carry out all project operations offshore. We add value by managing operations efficiently while you retain control and have complete visibility with peace of mind.

Engagement Models Features

  • Consultative approach.
  • Transparency.
  • Flexibility.
  • Knowledge Transfer by outstanding team members.
  • Strong governance technique.