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SaT provides professional and result-oriented mobile application development services for iPhone, iPad and Android platforms.
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SaT has demonstrated a high degree of flexibility, scalability and service orientation to enable us meet the strategic goals for some of our largest IT initiatives. Their sheer commitment, execution excellence and ability to work with us to envision our overall program, has made a tremendous difference.

We believe that SaT has the advantage of deep domain expertise and provides the industry's best ROI for communication service providers in need of IT services partnerships.

James Hopkin (Information Officer)
SKK Communications, Korea.

Get next generation applications by dedicated team of professionals with extensive experience in developing cutting-edge Adobe AIR applications and let your business enjoy wider market reach including enhanced productivity, higher ROI and lower costs.

Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR) is a cross-platform versatile browser-less runtime environment to develop rich internet applications in ActioScript 3, Flash or Flex that can be deployed on the desktop and Devices using Adobe Flash, Adobe Flex, HTML, or Ajax. AIR is different from FLash Player in the way that it provides a browser-less runtime for rich internet applications developed in Adobe Flex. AIR Platform Desktop Application helps in reducing overall development cost and ability to develop rich engaging user interface with the specified time frame.

SaT is one of the leading providers of Rich Internet Application (RIA) development services to large number of Clients around the world. Development of RIA using Adobe AIR offers a low-cost alternative to the organizations running complex applications and making easier for the users to work with software.

Our adobe certified experts of Flex and AIR developers have years of experience in developing applications based on AIR Runtime with taking care of Limitations, Features during AIR Runtime applications development.

AIR solutions that we offer

  • Enterprise level business applications.
  • Advanced Desktop Application Development.
  • Online/offline mobile applications.
  • Social network based application development.
  • Adobe AIR programming.
  • User interface application development.
  • Mobile development using AIR.

Our technical expertise includes

  • HTML 5/ JavaScript / CSS / Ajax / XML / SQLite / APIs.
  • Adobe Flash Platform / Adobe Flash Builder.
  • Adobe AIR development systems.
  • Flash / Flex / ActionScript.
  • Windows and Mac OS X, and Linux platforms.

Benefits of Adobe AIR

  • Adobe AIR is compatible with multiple operating systems including Windows, Mac and Linux.
  • Applications can be seamlessly installed like a desk top application and can be built faster by leveraging existing web technologies and design patterns.
  • Easy development of applications like online shopping, Music etc. .
  • Adobe AIR applications can access clipboard, drag and drop events, system tray/notifications etc. .
  • Savings development costs, time and increased ROI.
  • Web based applications can be used for desktop.

Our benefits

  • Experience in integration with backend technologies.
  • Hands on experience with developing AIR applications on Mobile Platform.
  • Hand's on development exposure to accepted development frameworks in AIR.
  • Expert in Action Script.
  • Extensive Hand's on Experience with Latest AIR SDK.
  • Aware of challenges involved in developing cross platform application in AIR.

To know how SaT can help you in building Rich Internet Applications using Adobe AIR Contact us today.