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SaT has provided a scalable solution that achieves our objectives and enables us to maintain a high level of service to our customers. Avia Dental is a customer-focused company and we wanted a partner who was as dedicated to service as we are.

SaT has demonstrated real ownership and commitment to deliver for our customers and it's this dedication that makes our relationship work and produces winning results.

Karen Coffield (Executive VP)
Avia Dental Plan, Inc.

Get rapid web and windows based Crystal Reports application development and maximize your IT efficiency.

Crystal Reports is the world’s leading report design software that can connect virtually with any data source through a variety of data connectivity methods and now becomes a part of all types of business objects to create interactive and presentation type content. It is not only a financial or accounting reporting tool, users can also generate graphs, enquiries, reports, spreadsheets, pivot tables, email output, PDF, information and email info packets.

Crystal Reports are used to design a visual based report that enables users to filter the information according to their requirements and allows users to create reports with a support of several Explorers or some development components. Crystal Reports Software is integrated within some of the most predominant software solutions, including Microsoft’s .NET platform, SAP, PeopleSoft, and others.

The areas covered by us for creating Crystal reports application development include – Accounting information, CRM information, Client Retention, Finance information, Human resource information, inventory, manufacturing, Quality control, productivity, sales information, and much more.

Benefits of Crystal Reports

  • Rapidly integrate rich, dynamic content into Windows and web applications.
  • Take advantage of a new, powerful multi-thread Report Server.
  • Flexible SDKs for integration into Java, .NET or COM applications.
  • Maximize IT efficiency by re-using report components including bitmaps, custom functions, and SQL commands across multiple reports.
  • User friendly and simple Report design interface.
  • Easy to control the data in the report and easy to make changes to the report.
  • Useful to add value to the application.
  • To hold a competitive advantage, we empower our users with rich reports from virtually connected multiple data sources.
  • Transform data from almost any data source including XML, relational, ODBC and enterprise into interactive, powerful content.
  • Let end users access and interact with reports via portals, wireless devices and Microsoft Office documents-without extra IT overhead.
  • Deploy thick-client applications at no extra cost-free runtime (Developer Edition).
  • Control end user report interaction, creation, and modification at runtime.
  • To make it much more flexible, we can access data over web with the help of XML & Web Services.
  • Useful for business people to gain competitive advantages.
  • Enhancement in understanding of the business model thru interactive charts and figures.

Crystal Report Features

  • A standard file format allows for feature-rich reports that contain data retrieval criteria, grouping, summary, parameter, drill down, and sub-report linking information.
  • An embedded Crystal Reports designer, assisted by wizards and experts, builds complex report files easily.
  • Data and .NET DataSet connections use the Database Expert to easily interact with a wide variety of database protocols, as well as proxy data in the form of ADO.NET Datasets.
  • Report viewers display Crystal reports on forms, in both Web and Windows applications.
  • An exporting feature exports data from the CrystalReportViewer control to Word, Excel, PDF, and HTML, and Crystal Reports formats.
  • The ability to print from the CrystalReportViewer control enables page-based report printing from any Web or Windows application.
  • Seamless migration is possible from previous versions of Crystal Reports.
  • Projects created in previous versions of Crystal Reports for Visual Studio .NET are supported at runtime without requiring design-time modifications.
  • To know more about our Crystal Reports Software Development services or to hire our Crystal developers.

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