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SaT has provided a scalable solution that achieves our objectives and enables us to maintain a high level of service to our customers. Avia Dental is a customer-focused company and we wanted a partner who was as dedicated to service as we are.

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Karen Coffield (Executive VP)
Avia Dental Plan, Inc.

Get cutting-edge embedded applications with excellent quality and great scalability that runs efficiently on different industry requirement by our innovative and highly experienced Embedded Application Developers.

Our technology expertise level is outstanding because our technical experts have many years of real time proven experience in the field of embedded technology development.

We are involved in designing, programming and developing embedded software components and systems having considerable experience in development for all modern operating systems like Windows and UNIX, as well as real time operating systems such as QNX, CMX and VxWorks.

Embedded Systems Specialties

  • Operating Systems / Kernel development.
  • Firmware/Device Drivers.
  • Schematic Circuit Design.
  • Board Support Packages (BSPs).
  • Protocol Stacks.

CPUs and Microcontrollers

  • Intel.
  • AVR.
  • Microchip PICs.
  • ARM Processors.
  • DSP Processors.
  • SPARC.
  • Hitachi SH family.
  • PowerPC.
  • MIPS.

Embedded OS or RTOS

  • Palm OS.
  • Symbian.
  • VxWorks.
  • Embedded Linux (uClinux, RTLinux, etc).
  • Windows CE.
  • eCos.
  • QNX.
  • Thread-X.

Protocols / Standards

  • Digital Signaling: ISDN, SS7.
  • LAN: TCP/IP, Ethernet, Token Ring, SNMP, CMIP.
  • Cellular / PCS / CDMA / TDMA/GSM GPRS.
  • Data Link: HDLC, SDLC, LLC, LAP/B/D.
  • Broadband: ATM, Frame Relay.
  • Others: USB, IrDA, CAN, GPS, RS485.

Development Tools

  • Debuggers (source & assembly level).
  • Embedded Visual C++, GCC, SDCC, KEIL C/C++, Java, assembler.
  • Single board computer SDKs.
  • CASE Tools.
  • Configuration Management Tools.
  • Circuit design and simulator tools like Orcad, Multisim, Modalsim.

Programming Languages

  • C / C++ .
  • Assembly languages.
  • Java, Perl, HTML .


  • Structured Analysis & Design .
  • Object-Oriented Analysis Design .

Industries and Applications

  • Security Systems.
  • Digital TVs.
  • Industrial Automation.
  • Wired and Wireless Communications.
  • Global Positioning System.
  • Consumer Electronics.
  • PDA.
  • Point-of-Sale terminal.
  • Gaming.
  • Control Systems.
  • Bio-Medical.

Embedded Systems development Platforms

  • Embedded C.
  • Assembly level programming.
  • JTAG, Emulators, Simulators expertise.
  • Test Labs setup with DSO, Function generators and other tools.
  • Hardware in-house design and customization.

Embedded Firmware development skill

  • Firmware development for higher end micro controllers.
  • Socket Programming.
  • Modem based wireless application development.
  • GPS based application development .

Hardware Development skill

  • RFID based solutions integration with Wireless applications.
  • Data logger designs.
  • Complete Schematics and Gerber File Generation.
  • Analog signal interfaces and specific solutions to industry verticals.
  • Digital signal interfaces solutions.
  • Wireless communication hardware development- GPRS, GSM and Satellite modems.
  • GPS based tracking and monitoring custom designs.

We have dedicated Embedded Application Development team with extensive experience in Embedded-C language with expertise in Firmware development in sophisticated Development Environment using High end processors.

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